Lunah Sampler Pack


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Try before you buy! With this sample pack you can try 3 amazing Lunah products before committing to the full size (we know you will love them!)


Detox Salt Scrub 2oz

Dead Sea Salt + Pink Himalayan Salt + Mango Butter

The salt combination of this product makes it great for detoxing and getting the junk out of your skin.


  • Great as a pre-shaving potion! Massage a handful of body polish into skin. Let sit for a minute or two for complete hydration. Rinse off and shave
  • Use a couple times a week as a facial exfoliant (avoid eyes, mouth).
  • Keep your tan lasting longer by exfoliating the dead skin cells away, and letting your true self shine!
  • Lymphatic health. Keep the garbage out of your body by stimulating your lymphatic system with this custom blend. While in shower, concentrate on rubbing in a gentle, circular motion where your lymph nodes lives.
  • Breast Health. Stimulate the nodes in your breasts to keep the garbage moving out of your beautiful parts. Massage into breast (avoid nipple) in circular motion. This should be done daily for optimal health.
  • Improve your mood with this extremely happy blend of citrus essential oils, vanilla absolute and benzoin.

Refrain from using on face if you have very sensitive skin or rosacea, or around eye area. Do not apply on scrap, cuts or burns, or areas of psoriasis or eczema.
Face & Body Cream 1oz

This luxurious cream smells like heaven and melts on contact.  An ultra-healing cream, this celestial product is suitable for both day and night, following our Moon Mist Balancing Toner. We have used the ancient East Indian beauty oil, Neem, in order to hydrate skin, fight breakouts, and keep wrinkles at bay. Neem Oil contains antioxidants, carotenoids, and essential fatty acids which can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Frankincense has been used as it’s amazing for skin health, reverse the signs of aging, and reduce appearance of stretch marks and scars. Jasmine exacts encompass the jar, as they aid in increasing skins elasticity and help balance moisture in the skin to naturally reduce dryness.


  • Apply both morning and night to face right down to neck, for protection from environmental damage, and repair after a long day’s work.
  • Use all over the body to rehydrate, re-nourish
  • Massage into trouble areas such as acne, skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema, etc. Neem oil will help to rebalance and heal these areas

How to use: Apply a small amount to freshly washed skin. Massage in for a few seconds. Let dry. Watch the magic happen.

Refrain from storing/leaving in direct sunlight or hot car- will melt.  Massage into face and body, a little bit goes a long way.
Hand & Body Lotion 2oz

A light, hydrating, natural lotion to keep your soul shining. If your love the smell of a creamsicle, this is your jam! Shake each time before using and massage into body well. A beautiful lotion to apply after showing in the morning, as it helps to put a bit of pep in your step. Keep out of extreme light and temperatures. Do not leave in hot car. External use only.